Instinct™ is a new brand creating the highest quality products made with a conscious mindset. Our purpose is to have the lowest possible impact on the planet whilst working with the best products and materials available today. This will result in super, next level, unisex products available to people today.

Instinct™ is not just about products, it’s about a philosophy. Instinct™ is part of the movement for change,  thinking differently and acting outside the traditional mainstream box. This is reflected in everything we do and represented by our two fingers logo.

Instinct™ was started by Justin Deakin, who has been in the industry designing shoes for 30 years and has a huge passion for craftsmanship and the process of good design. His designs ensure a mix of tradition and modern styling with individual imaginative touches.

With the success of his Stride Sneakers, Justin began putting his mark on the industry and since has continued to embark on a journey to create a sustainable collection of luxury, handmade shoes. His first store opened on Hanbury Street, East London in 2011, which is now home to his boutique shoe brand ‘Justin Deakin™' - see more here: 

Justin’s shoes have been worn by Ant and Dec, Harry Styles, Kanye West, Maxim (Prodigy - started with Stride, now wears custom designed stage boot), drummer and singer from the Kooks, Jamie Redknapp, Harry Redknapp, Eddy Vedder (Pearl Jam), Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones), Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd), drummer from Metallica, Leo Crabtree (Prodigy), Nicky Wire (Manic Street Preachers), Maximilian (Gumball 3000) as well as Ant and Dec.


made by hand

All Instinct™ footwear is carefully made by hand by skilled workers who ensure that we end up with the highest quality footwear